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What is a PRG?? PRG is something someone started calling me long ago - almost in another lifetime. It stands for "Puerto Rican Goddess." Most days lately, I just feel like a Pretty Regular Girl. So this blog will journal my days as a PRG. Some days that will mean my adventures as a Puerto Rican Goddess; other days I'll just be a Pretty Regular Girl. I hope you can find entertainment in both.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here We Go Again

Well, this blog has obviously been neglected lately. I was updating a different blog for a while, but things got hectic with my new career and both blogs fell by the wayside.

I feel like I'm in a pretty good place now, career-wise and personally. This past summer was very difficult for me. I'm glad to put that all behind me, though, and make a fresh start this Fall.

This time of year, I get very reminiscent. I think of apple orchards and pumpkin pie. Fall always makes me a little homesick. Even though there is very little back in Detroit for me to go back to, I still consider it home. It is still the place where most of my memories were formed.

This is also the time of year I start gearing up for NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is November, and I fully intend to win this year by starting and finishing a 50,000 word novel during the month.

To train my brain and stretch my writing muscles, I'll be updating this blog more regularly. My goal is to write something every day. I need to come up with a genre, decide on the story I want to write, and come up with some kind of an outline. Text messages don't count, unless I can find a way to work them into the plot. ; )

I'll be sure to keep you (and this blog) updated!


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