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What is a PRG?? PRG is something someone started calling me long ago - almost in another lifetime. It stands for "Puerto Rican Goddess." Most days lately, I just feel like a Pretty Regular Girl. So this blog will journal my days as a PRG. Some days that will mean my adventures as a Puerto Rican Goddess; other days I'll just be a Pretty Regular Girl. I hope you can find entertainment in both.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A L'il Bit O Me (AKA Confession #5)

(Fair warning: This list was swiped from a couple of Peas' blogs)

1: Real Name: Sarah
2: Nickname: Sar-z, Sarah Jane, Sar, Sarz
3: Real Age: Eek! OK, I'm 30, but I lie & tell people I'm 24
4: Horoscope: Virgo
5: Male or Female: Female
6: Elementary: Eastland Elementary
7: Middle School: Eastland Jr.
8: High School: Roseville High
9: College: Southwestern A/G University & University of North Texas
10: Hair Color: Dark Brown with Blonde & Maroon highlights
11: Long or Short: Long, going for longer
12: Loud or Quiet: Anyone who knows me, knows I'm loud!
13: Sweats or Jeans: Jeans, always
14: Phone or Camera: Camera, unless it's for texting. But I hate talking on the phone
15: Health Freak: Nah, not a freak, but "conscious"
16: Drink or Smoke: Drink; hate smoking
17: Do you have a crush on someone: Yep, and I think he likes me back! ; )
18: Eat or Drink: Unfortunately, eat! I am always snacking on something!
19: Piercings: I used to have 13 in my ears, but most of them closed up. I also have my tongue pierced.
20: Tattoos: None yet
21: Social or Anti-Social: Mostly social, but very shy at first
22: Righty or Lefty: Righty
23: First Piercing: Ears; I pierced my own at age 7!
24: First Relationship: First "real" one was at age 18
25: First Best Friend: Jennifer Legumina (we called her 'Jenny Legs')
26: First Award: Perfect Attendance in Kindergarten. Maintained through most of my school years, along with Honor Roll
27: First Kiss: Age 19
28: First Pet: 2 goldfish, Lucky & Looney, I won at the MI State Fair
29: First Big Vacation: Cozumel in 2005
30: First Love at First Sight: Yes! Definitely YES
31: First Big Birthday: Probably 18
32: First Surgery: None (knock on wood)
33: First Sport You Joined: Basketball in 4th grade

This or That
34: Orange or Apple Juice: Orange - no pulp, please!
35: Rock or Rap: Rock
36: Country or Metal: Mostly Country, but a little Metal every now and then
37: Salty or Sweet: Sweet, but love the salty/sweet combo!
38: Coffee or Tea: Gimmee coffee!!
39: Night or Day: Night
40: Sun or Moon: SUN!!!
41: TV or Internet: I have to choose? OK, TV
42: Playstation or XBox: XBox or Wii
43: Kiss or Hug: I kiss everyone!
44: Pepsi or Coke: PEPSI
45: Wine or Beer: Vodka, chilled
46: Fall or Spring: Fall always reminds me of home
47: Limewire or iTunes: iTunes
48: Early or Late: My internal clock is perpetually 3 minutes late!
49: Troublemaker or Peacemaker: mostly troublemaker!
50: Sensitive or Loud: definitely both

51: Eating: Just finished some Cheetos
52: Drinking: XXX Vitamin Water Zero
53: Excitement Level: Pretty excited, but not in a good way
54: I'm About to: post this, then run to Wal-Mart
55: Listening to: True Blood Season 2 reruns, gearing up for Season 3
56: Plan for Today: Wal-Mart, then cooking an awesome dinner from my mom's recipe
57: Waiting for: something good to happen
58: Wearing: standard "Day Off" uniform: T-shirt, jeans, flip flops, baseball cap
59: Wearing glasses or contacts: Glasses
60: Perfume/Cologne: None right now
61: Thinking of Someone: Yes
62: Want Kids: Thankful I don't have to worry about anyone but me today
63: Want to Get Married: My husband wouldn't like that
64: When: See #63
65: How Many Kids Do You Want: One, maybe
66: Any Names On the Mind: I'd have to be more serious about it to think of names
67: What Did You Want to be When You Were Little: famous
68: Career: Bartender/Student
69: Mellow Future or Wild: Exciting, full of opportunities, but probably not wild

Gotta go make that Wal-Mart trip I've been talking about. More to come!



Qwendykay said...

My internal clock is always 2 minutes late. I can't figure out how to reset it.

ilikewinter said...

Love the comment about having a crush on someone (and you think he likes you back)! =) Made me smile.

Sorry about your crazy upstairs neighbor and the leaky situation. How's your apartment doing now?