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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Small Make Up Haul

I've been watching a TON of nail videos on YouTube lately, and I had no idea there were such cool trends out there. Big trends right now are stamping (also called Konad, which I'm pretty sure is the brand that started the trend), crackle, and the ombre mani.

I am so adventurous that the only manicure I've had for the last 10 years is a French mani! I spend WAY too much money every few weeks to have my nails done at the salon. Granted, sometimes they do different colors on the tips, but nothing so bold as what I've found online.

Since I had planned to stop by Sally Beauty the other day, I thought I'd check out the nail polish aisle. Lucky for me, they were having a sale on nail polish - buy 2, get 1 free. I chose 3 colors by Finger Paints, a favorite of some of the gurus. They have really fun colors, and the names of each go along with the "finger paint" title. The colors I got are "Art You Blue?" "Tapestry in Taupe" and "Easel Come, Easel Go!"

I also bought the obligatory bottle of Seche Vite, a quick dry/top coat. It's the one that's recommended by all the gurus. It's not cheap, but hopefully worth the splurge. My bottle was $5.99, on sale from $7.99. While I was there, I picked up a new set of toe separators, a 4-way buffer (I couldn't find a regular size, so hopefully the mini will work), and a huge cuticle stick.

Non-nail supplies I bought were the mineral eye shadow and the makeup sponges. The eye shadow shade is called "downtown brown" and it's by femme couture, which I think is the Sally brand. I don't actually use the red sponges as makeup sponges. They are slightly rough-textured on one side, so I use them to wash my face. I replace them at the first of each month, so I was due for a new pack. They're less expensive than at Wal-Mart even, at $2.99 for a 5 pack of sponges.

I'm excited to try out my new nail colors. I'm hoping I'll be able to save some money by doing my manicures/pedicures myself instead of paying someone to do them every few weeks. What makeup and nail trends are you seeing now?


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