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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have You Tried This Scentsy Trick Yet?

Hello blog world!

I'm not sure I've mentioned it here, but a while back I signed up as a Scentsy consultant.  Yep, I decided I didn't have the time or the money to make my own candles anymore, and decided to start selling someone else's.

But Scentsy is not just "someone else."  They are a great company that I have actually had a little bit of history with for a while now.  A few years ago a friend of mine signed up as a consultant, and last year I followed suit.  For more history on Scentsy, visit my website www.MyScentsOfStyle.scentsy.us

Now on to my tip of the day!  Depending on who you ask, there are lots of ways to remove used wax from a Scentsy warmer.  And because the wax doesn't get hot enough to burn, there will be wax left over after the scent is all gone.  My customary method for removing wax is to dump it while it is still warm, then wipe the dish out with a paper towel.  I'm told you can also freeze the dish and the wax will pop out, but I have not had success with that method.

Recently, I saw another reader's tip for removing the used wax.  While the wax is cold, she takes a butter knife (you can use any dull, slightly pointed object - even a spoon) and inserts it into the center of the wax.  Twisting gently, pull the cold wax out of the warmer dish.  I tried it today and  IT WORKS!

See how easy that is!  And here's what the dish looked like when I was done, 4 seconds later:

Obviously if you were changing the scent you would want to still wipe that teeny tiny spot that was left behind.  My scent stayed the same, so I didn't mind.  But isn't that SO much easier than dumping out hot wax, then wiping the rest away?  If you haven't tried it my way, just take my word for it - it is.

OK, now...what other easy tips have I not tried yet?  If you ask Jeremy (and please, don't) I'm not exactly a Domestic Goddess.  I'm sure there are much easier ways to do most of the things I do everyday.  So please...help a girl out!


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