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What is a PRG?? PRG is something someone started calling me long ago - almost in another lifetime. It stands for "Puerto Rican Goddess." Most days lately, I just feel like a Pretty Regular Girl. So this blog will journal my days as a PRG. Some days that will mean my adventures as a Puerto Rican Goddess; other days I'll just be a Pretty Regular Girl. I hope you can find entertainment in both.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Trip Around the Sun

I just got home from my birthday dinner.  My sister made my favorite - taco salad, and lemon cake by special request.  Best gift of the evening goes to my niece, Zoe, who is 7.  

Check out this adorable birthday card she made me.  Simple message, and one *I* forget all too often.  Meant so much to see it in her handwriting, though.

BTW, in case you were wondering what on earth is going on in the picture to the right: my sister is always giving me clothes and shoes that she doesn't wear anymore.  Pretty great sister, huh?  Well, she had a basket for me today, and the girls were walking around in the shoes - wearing their jammies, of course.  Zoe decided they needed to sit on the ottoman and fan themselves like "fancy ladies" so that is what is happening there.

These kids crack me up!  I am truly so fortunate to have them in my life.  I love watching them grow up into little people with personalities and ideas.  This was a great birthday, and I think this might be the Year of the Princess!


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