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What is a PRG?? PRG is something someone started calling me long ago - almost in another lifetime. It stands for "Puerto Rican Goddess." Most days lately, I just feel like a Pretty Regular Girl. So this blog will journal my days as a PRG. Some days that will mean my adventures as a Puerto Rican Goddess; other days I'll just be a Pretty Regular Girl. I hope you can find entertainment in both.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I'm Loving Right Now

Tonight I am catching up on emails, listening to music, and contemplating life.  OK, not really that last one so much.  I am catching up on emails and listening to music, though.  I have been gone since Saturday afternoon, spending time with my Someone Special.  As soon as I came home after work today, I thought "Wow, I'm so glad I cleaned before I left.  It's so nice to come home and everything is already in order."  That thought is what prompted tonight's post.

So here are a few things I am loving right now:
  1. That I got a HUGE discount on gas tonight at Kroger.  $2.99 a gallon : )
  2. Scentsy - I was doing really well toward to the end of last year, then I pretty much stopped once I moved.  I am getting ready to gear up again for Spring, and I'm very excited.
  3. Staying in and relaxing; those who know me realize this is very out of character for me!
  4. That it's Girl Scout Cookie Time!  My niece, Zoe, is the cutest little salesperson ever!
  5. WINE!  As I have mentioned before, my new adult beverage of choice is Moscato.
  6. Texas Country Music - probably goes without saying
  7. My church; I have been attending an amazing church here locally for about 3.5 months now.  I am meeting new people, making friends, and even work in the Baby Suite every week.
  8. Being independant - believe me, I never thought I'd say that!
  9. Cracking open a fresh day planner, with every week full of possibilities and promise
  10. Spending time with the Mister - once again, everything is full of possibilities and promise at this point.  I haven't been this happy or excited in a long time.
So there you have it.  A few of my favorite things, in no particular order.


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denise said...

love your list! Moscato is my favorite!!! I'm not a huge red wine fan, but try the sample next time you are at Olive Garden. It's their own wine called Roscato. SOOOO good!