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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

San Diego Zoo

So here's a picture of me at the San Diego Zoo, complete with camera and giant souvenir cup! We looked like total tourists, but we had a great time. We took a bus tour, which covered about 75% of the zoo, then took the "Skyfari" air tram to see more of what we missed.

We loved getting to see all the animals, and we learned a lot about the Zoo's conservation efforts.
They are widely known for their efforts, and are very proud of their accomplishments.
We also got to see two of the baby pandas in the Panda Research Facility. They observe the pandas very closely, and monitor their behaviors and eating habits. The San Diego Zoo actually has the most successful panda breeding program outside of China! Here's a video of the youngest panda eating. Unfortunately, the zookeeper monitoring the pandas kept shooing us along, so please excuse the amateur video and the abrupt ending.
I do hope to post more photos soon. I just haven't had time to get that film developed since we got back. These are stills Jay shot using the video camera. I shot many more with my camera, but...well, we're still waiting on those. Enjoy!
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~~tonya~~ said...

Cool Pics!! We hope to visit that zoo one day.